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I've Published my eBook on Amazon! Why are you looking at me like that...? In this post, I take you through the considerations and possibilities behind publishing your eBook on multiple platforms. But why? Isn't Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing all you'll ever need for wide distribution and availability to readers?...

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October 3  • 

11 Signs of a Scam Publishing Outfit

Publishing is a big business. Several billions of dollars exchange hands every year for books and ebooks, and authors must be aware of the potential...

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September 26  • 

Print on Demand: IngramSpark vs. Lightning Source | What is IngramSpark?

In this video, I briefly discuss IngramSpark, the new arm of Ingram, which is meant to serve as a sort of layer in front of Lightning Source. And why...

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September 22  • 

Ingram | Lightning Source Color Print on Demand

Ingram | Lightning Source announces its new Color Print on Demand options, and I, personally, am very excited about the news. So, let's get into the...

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September 22  • 

New Age Writer Launches

Welcome to New Age Writer, for news about the publishing industry (with a focus on self-publishing), tips, tricks, and tutorials about digital and...

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